Me and my Naughty...

"I reached for a hand...and found your  paw..."

Napping Naughty...

I am uncertain of who initially spoke this quote above.  It has appeared many times through my wanderings in the cyber-world. These words have grown to take on more meaning in my life over the past 11 years. 

As a wife, stay-at-home mom of two boys, home school mom, part time caterer, surprisingly I find myself feeling very alone.  (Not physically alone.  My house is a zoo.  Seriously.)  I find myself so involved in 7 Maple Street that weeks can go by without meaningful,  "adult" conversation.  Well, except for my poor husband.  Unfortunately, he is on the receiving end of my pent-up adult needs to talk about something other than farts or fishing as soon as he enters the door at night! 

Through this season in life, I have discovered one thing God is using to grow me. He is using my hound dog.  Yes.  I just said that.  My basset hound, Anna Marie.  Who at the moment is staring me down, howling because I won't stop typing to hand her the half eaten piece of zucchini bread my youngest son left at his spot from breakfast.  Now believe me, if I wasn't sitting here, she'd pull the chair out herself, climb up and snatch it clean from the table!  Yes--that is why we rarely call her by her given name. 

Anna Marie has been called "Naughty" since the minute she entered our home--my quiet, clean, structured, all-in-one-piece home.  (Ok.  I couldn't take it.  I just gave her the bread!!  The howling has ceased. Now I can think again...and thankfully she is snoring on the floor next to me!)  

God has laid it on my heart  to do something with the lessons I have learned from this floppy, drooly, wrinkly creature He blessed me with 11 years ago. Friends have followed along on Facebook.  Others even stop by to see Naughty when they are in town.  She has developed many followers here in our small town.  In this chaotic world that seems pretty horiffic at times, neighbors find it comforting to sit and rub the big floppy ears while we share a pot of coffee.  When it has been a tough day at school, the kids find it welcoming to cuddle the drooly, floppy hound.  And sometimes, when I feel so alone in a funnel cloud of every day life, I find myself reaching for a paw.  A paw connected to a critter that shares unconditional love, despite both of our "naughty moments".

My prayer is through this blog, God can use my Naughty Dog and her antics (and my struggle through them!) to encourage you in His ways and--lighten your day a little!


 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."  Romans 8:28


Colossians 3:17...

Shannon Ashbaugh and Naughty Dog